Web analytics platform that helps showcase and predict traffic(number and type of visitors) details to your website, throught chart and figures

Todos app built using React.js, Node.js, Meteor.js, Javascript

A Parametric Statechart XML code to Static Statechart XML code converter written using Java and DOM parser

Aeroplane dashboard gauge based on Pitch, Roll and Yaw (Position X, Y and Z on the Universal plane)

Extract user personality based on real time tweets from a set of coordinates(location)

An email generation app for people to contact their potential customers
before starting a business or launching a product

Helps to download Coursera videos whose preview is available but with no downloadable link.
Update - Usage limited to few courses.

Parses and translates common PL/SQL constructs

Created this while creating the Trend Analysis app below.

D3 visualization of some test cancer patient s data