My love for startups began when i was 19. 2 years into college. I always wanted to fit in, in society. As i loved programming but never felt like just this was my calling. Thus, i couldn't fit in with pure programmars. I loved business but never enjoyed talking about how to generate profits etc with business minded individuals as i just loved building products for the human race, That's it. Never thought about profits.

But, then my college years were going to end. It was 2014. I didn't wanted to join a normal job and end my dream of serving the community. I just wanted to help. Help people out there. Even if my this emotion expressed itself in the form of a web application, as i understand this isn't just the only way to help. But, one of them surely is.

Maybe all of this was actually deeply rooted in being accepted for who i am. As i was never able to fit it, and the harder i tried the more difficult it got. The only thing i could do in my early 20s was to program, build sites etc.

I moved cities, even countries trying to find my tribe. I participated in startup events and it was the only time, i found myself being part of something. Something bigger than who i am, what i see and whom i can experience. It was beyond me. It was magical, mysterios, elegant. just to name a few of the emotions i was feeling at the time.

I did launched a few companies but quickly realised that running a company is more than just wanting to serve the community. You have to take care of your taxes, take care of your relationship with the company and its with the world etc. But that is just part of the process. I had to make money as well in the process. Somehow, i never realised that until recently. That if i just do what i love, It pays of emotionally. But, to have a wholesome experience of my life, I have to earn money. Money is even important for my startup to survive.

So, i changed gears last year. I was fortunate to receive startup grants from Google and Amazon, that helps me pay my platform costs using credits and not worry about testing new ideas. As they say, The universe comes into synchronicity in what you do, when the timing is right. I did launch a few companies now. Right now i'm working on Everycoinprice, an app displays realtime crypto data for common coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and DogeCoin.

I have gone through a lot, in this life. A lot. Never thought my life would show me so much of itself in such a short time. Maybe i was out there too much. More than i could handle at times. But, in the end it was worth all the experience, i've accumulated. Maybe too much at times. It took me more than a year, to streamline this and give it a direction that could accomplish something.

I am proud of my Indian heritage, Because of the people who have lived in the place that i live at right now. The original inventors of Yoga, Meditation and Having a calm mind and body, as the ultimate goal. Happy to be able to achieve that and be in the process

I should do this more often. Vent out my thoughts, as building a startup is like building something that could affect millions, even billions one day and it requires you to be in a level of mind space that thinks positive about the people you are going to affect. You have to be unbiased, or else it'll die before you start or not progress at all even if you think are progressing.

Before i end this, i would want to tell this to everybody Life isn't about fitting in. It isn't about running aftar a prize. It isn't about competing, It is about flowing. It is about harmony. It is about being one with nature and yourself. Everything that belongs to you, comes to you once you create the space to receive it.

I will update this as my learning and my startup germinates